So I have previously spoken about considering Oz Intro without actually explaining exactly what it is for anyone who may be interested!

Ozintro is almost a preplanned mini holiday that you can purchase when travelling to Oz. It costs just over £400 and is all based in Syndey, it also includes a weeks stay in a Base Hotel as well as the following activities;

  • Learn to surf/Trip to the Zoo depending on the time of year
  • Sydney Aquarium
  • Darling Harbour
  • Bondi to Coogee Coastal walk.
  • A trip to the Blue Mountains
  • Pub Crawl and Party Bus
  • A meal in the highest revolving restaurant

As well as activities Ozintro also includes some really handy add on’s including;

  •  A Aussie Bank Card
  • Transport from Sydney Airport
  • A Medicare Card
  • Tax file number
  • Sim Card
  • Advice and help for getting employed
  • You can also book trips for when Oz Intro is completed


For me I think this is a great deal, a lot of people have said you can buy the activities and accomdation cheaper on its on but for me spending a week with the same group of people in a similar situation is a lot more reassuring than winging it on my own. There are also a lot of forums where you can meet people who are doing Oz Intro at the same time which is also really handy.


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