Where I’ve been

So this may sound crazy and possibly surprising but considering I’m planning to travel half way around the world alone I haven’t actually travelled a lot and I’ve only actually been abroad a handful of times..

I first left England when I was 4 on a trip to Disneyland Paris but up until the age of 14 I had never even been on a plane and had only left the country once which seems crazy now I’m planning to go to Oz for a year! So for the last two years I’ve been trying to cram as many holidays in as possible in order to try and explore the world more! So I thought I’d state exactly where I have been and when I visited and hopefully I can update this each time I travel to somewhere new!


Paris ’98

As stated above my first trip abroad was to Disneyland Paris for my birthday, tbh I can’t remember much but I know I absolutely loved Disney from that point onwards.

Florida ’09/’11/’12/’13

You can probably guess Florida is a favourite for me and my family, we first when in 2009 and have been hooked ever since! Something about America is just so lovable for me from the food to the weather and how lovely the people are I just love it and miss it so much when I’m not there!

Malaga ’12

So in 2012 at the age of 17 I went on my first holiday alone with two of my best friends. From the moment we got on that plane I was hooked and had already made a mental list of places I wanted to visit. This wasn’t strictly a typical girls holiday although it was the first time I got paralytic and ended up being sick for 10 hours straight (not my finest moment) we did actually end up doing a lot including; travelling up the mountain in a cable cart, visiting the waterpark, going on a dolphin spotting boat trip (and not spotting any dolphins) as well as getting ridiculously drunk and sunbathing our hangovers away! I don’t know if it was the freedom or the fact that we had such a good time but I did not want to come home at all and was so eager to book another holiday with my friends for the following year!



Zante ’13

After having such a good time away with my friends in Malaga, me and 3 friends decided to visit Zante for 2 weeks after we finished our A-levels, unsure of whether we should be celebrating our if we were just jinxing ourselves (luckily we all did fab!) Zante was honestly one of the best experiences of my life, whilst we were there we partied on a remote island with DJ Fresh, got drenched in paint at the UV paint parties, visited one of the prettiest beaches in the world (picture below) as well as getting insanely drunk every night and having the time of our lives. I don’t know what it was about coming home from Zante but I got really bad holiday blues and really did not want to come home, all my friends were happy to come home and get back to reality but I really was not looking forward to it, it’s not that I didn’t miss my family it was more the fact I felt as if once I got home it would all be forgotten and I had such a good time I didn’t want it to end!


Florida ’14

So although I’ve already stated Florida, when I went in 2014 it was a very different experience as it was when I introduced my boyfriend to orlando and it was also our first holiday together (after 6 years together!!!) So our trip was amazing, we did the typical tourist things ie; visiting all the themeparks numerous amounts of time,  swimming with dolphins and eating insane amounts of junk food! Florida for me is a place that il always love and will always have fab memories of and I hope it’s not too long until I go back!


Benidorm ’14

It’s actually only been 2 weeks since I’ve got back from Benidorm so I’m still experiencing holiday blues as I write this post! Benidorm was a different holiday completely as I went with my auntie who I’m extremely close to! I knew what I hoped Benidorm would be like but it honestly out did my expectations and I had some of the best experiences of my life! It’s crazy looking back to think about how much we did in that week and ticked a few items off of my bucket list which I really didn’t expect to do in Benidorm of all places! My main highlights would definitely be paragliding and holding a baby lion.. Yes that’s right HOLDING A BABY LION!!!! Despite what some people say I loved Benidorm, the night life was great, the weather was so good and there was plenty to do so I will definitely be going back!!


Magaluf ’14



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